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Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Mystic Traditions (MyTra) is the new initiative of Chennai Focus into the domain of video logging in other words Vlogging.   This product has come into being to satisfy our constant pursuit in bringing the power of professional videos to communicate and also use it effectively to explore the nuances and mysticism behind our culture and traditions, practices, and intentions behind it. It is a culmination of Experiment, Experience and Beliefs traversing the length and breadth of Science, Architecture, Ancient Wisdom, Archaeology and the list is endless. Such an attempt needs expertise and knowledge in the subject and also in scripting and film making and who else can it be than Director Naga to spearhead this initiative and take it to places we never had been with the right understanding.  Every initiative needs a catalyst to make it happen and we are happy to announce that Playwright  and Scriptwriter K.Vivekshankar has also joined us in providing multidimensional facet to our channel to explore more areas of application as we move forward. We thank him for his efforts in being instrumental in making our tiny thought into reality by doing all the ground work and taking over the administration and operations of our New YouTube channel MyTra.


Chennai Focus Gets a New Domain Name

Chennai Focus Gets a New Domain Name

Chennai Focus thanks its subscribers and visitors for the continued patronage. As you know, we are operating from from the beginning of this Blog.

Thanks to WordPress for extending this Free Blogging service without which we could not have made it into the blogosphere.

We thought we would be happy with a custom domain name and have since changed our domain name from  to

All our posts till date will remain accessible in the OLD URL which will automatically redirect to the new domain (Thanks again to WP) with only a minor change to the URL with which you access our site.



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