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How to Make Fitness a Habit?

'This getting fit is killing me.'Ok…! Now before you scroll down any further let me hit the nail straight on its head. The very reason that you’ve opened this article is that just a fortnight into the New Year and you are already apprehensive about whether you’re going to get caught in a rut and do the same old act of giving up on your fitness goals and then wait again for another 300 days to pass by. Else if you are someone who has been hitting the gym regularly you may find this helpful with respect to redefining your goals and progressively break your own limits.

Now for most you, who are desperate about getting fit, unfortunately, you might tend to fail in your attempt towards getting fit and being healthier for no fault of yours, by falling into a vicious cycle where you have failed expectations leading to loss of hope thereby clinging back onto your old habits and then social pressure might push you to your limits where in you reluctantly force yourself to get started again and then the same cycle repeats again and again until the next new year.

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Director Naga Launches our Online Video Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra


Director Naga and Writer K.Vivekshankar

We are happy to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra  by Director Naga.  To professionals with expertise in their domain, scaling to an online channel is not easy both in terms of emotional and mental makeup and technical parameters. When we talk about Vlogging, it is another domain and the intention of it must be made clear. We chose to keep this Channel in English to reach more people and we will soon launch a Tamil version too.

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Know about Thoppukarnam, a Super-Brain Yoga Class

It’s a strange sight — a hall full of people, young and old, comically springing up and down on their haunches. Look closer, and their hands are crossed over their chests, fingers clutching the earlobes – not some kind of mass punishment, but a ‘super-brain’ yoga class.

The longstanding punishment for naughty children and a means of showing obeisance to Lord Ganesha, ‘thoppukaranam’ is now packaged as ‘super-brain’ yoga and taught to people who feel their brains needs sharpening. In fact, this form of yoga has also gone abroad, and is taught along with the other asanas at yoga schools.

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Make Sure to Read This Post If Your Child is Learning Yoga

People in various yoga asanas. Original title ...

Every morning, when Vishnu tries performing the Chakrasana (wheelpose), he loses balance. The seven-year-old knows how to practise the asana, but the problem arises when he tries to bend his body in the pose. Learning yoga as part of school curriculum is important, but equally important is the way it is taught. So if your ward is attending his weekly or daily yoga classes in school, it’s your duty to check whether he is practising the asanas (postures ) without errors.

Yoga experts believe if the asanas are not practised correctly, they would not serve the purpose and there could be complications. To avoid this, many suggest the state government standardise yoga for all schools. “In many schools, yoga is taught for the sake of teaching. The trainers should not mix the styles of different yoga experts. If they do, it will confuse the students. And that’s what is happening in many schools. This situation can be changed only if there is uniformity in teaching yoga in schools,” says Ganapathi Ramakrishnan, a senior yoga practitioner, who had even approached the government to press his point a couple of times in 2011

Yoga Room in San Francisco International Airport, Are we lagging behind?

Yoga initiated in India by our ancient saints and sadhus has found its place in the western countries. It is well appreciated and given its place with many of our spiritual masters setting up centers abroad.  If you are travelling to Northern California, you can now find inner calm in the Yoga Room (studio) at San Francisco International Airport.  Very interesting but are we giving the discipline of yoga its due?

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Learn Yoga – Online or Distance Mode from Govt. Recognized Yoga University

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (or S-VYASA) is a deemed university. Consciousness-based approach of yoga systems is the basis of education at SVYASA. The university is open to admit any person without any conditions for race, religion, creed, caste, class and geographical area of the country. It also provides distance education programs.

DDE has launched correspondence yoga programmes at the Bachelor’s level BSc Yoga and BSc Yoga Education and Master’s Programmes in MSc Yoga and MSc Yoga Education. For aspiring yoga therapists, DDE has launched post graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT) and for PGDYTD, a Diploma in Yoga for Doctors. YIC or the Yoga Instructor’s Course, a mandatory, gateway course which is a basic yoga course is also being offered by DDE.

The DDE caters to the needs of all the yoga enthusiasts who are unable to attend our Yoga Courses at Prashanti Kutiram campus in the residential mode. It is also the responsibility and the Vision of DDE to teach Yoga through Education. DDE will strive to do this through its Mission – Yoga to Every Doorstep.

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