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My Experience with The Daily Heckle


To the bloggers fraternity, I would like to share my blogging experience with a site called The Daily Heckle. I stumbled on this site during one of my usual search for a blogger platform that will help me launch my writing to International audience.

I had tried registering myself with many sites and blogger networks and it just turned out that the registered sites accept writers from specific countries only. In few other cases where I got an opportunity to write, the topics were too country specific and I could not connect with the same. This is probably the reason why the networks restrict the bloggers to certain countries.

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Translation to Tamil from Other Languages is the Publishing Trend Now

Translations are emerging as the new big story in Tamil publishing. Polemical political writing to self-help guides to classics from other languages, Indian and European, are now being translated into Tamil. If you are interested in Tamil writing and are proficient in foreign languages  such as French, German, Spanish, Russian or any other popular language(s), there is an opportunity for you. Read on

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