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Join the Drive – Make Our Beaches Clean and Eco-friendly

Marina Beach, Chennai

A group of young men and women gathered at Elliot’s Beach on Sunday morning to initiate a waste disposal drive. More than 50 volunteers of Stella Maris College and Reclaim Our Beaches (ROB) group placed an art installation to create awareness on the need for safe disposal methods of various wastes.

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Innovation in Waste Management – What it takes to Adopt this in our Chennai?

Here’s a good thing going to waste. Although it’s been three years since young K.B. Joy set up an eco friendly waste treatment plant  that the Kodungallur municipality (Kerala) has no complains about, no other local body seems interested in installing it. “They were perhaps sceptical because I told them it would be free of cost. All I want is the bio-manure produced by the plant which I sell to farmers and earn enough for its maintenance,” he says.

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Chennai Corporation Urges Residents to Part with Plastic Waste to Relay Roads

The trash in your kitchen has now acquired value. To encash it, all you need to do is segregate the plastic waste at home and sell it to the Chennai Corporation for as much as Rs 20 a kg. They want it for relaying the battered roads in the city. If you are wondering how to hand over the plastic waste to Chennai corporation, Wait for the advertisements. As of now, we have no idea how the plastic waste is collected except that few ward offices and government buildings carry a bin for plastic waste.

The Chennai Corporation is urging residents to part with their plastic waste. It has so far collected just 100 tonnes of plastic waste,while about 800 tonnes are required to relay roads in the city. The corporation now plans to take out advertisements and make appeals through the electronic media to create awareness about the drive. The city generates about 300 tonnes of plastic waste every day.

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Safe Disposal of EWaste

Many of us are not aware that most of the electronic goods and accessories have to be disposed carefully. It can be detrimental to our environment if ewaste is not disposed properly. Let us see what are the materials fall under hazardous waste. CRT monitors and TVs , Lead-Acid/Automotive Batteries, Alkaline Batteries, Button Batteries, Printers, Old Refrigerators,Lithium Batteries, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners and much more. There is a company which recycles all those hazardous waste. Read on to know more.
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Get Paid to Be Environment Friendly

Soon , there will be 50 centres in the city where plastic waste segregated by residents will be collected, a high-level meeting chaired by environment minister B V Ramanaa at the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) headquarters on Monday decided. The waste will then be sold to plastic manufacturers for recycling and the residents paid .
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Electricity from Bio-Degradable Waste

Hand in Hand’s waste-to-energy project at Mamallapuram has been chosen by BBC’s Down to Business World Challenge Series for promoting sustainable livelihoods and enterprise creation across the world. The project chosen from nearly 640 nominations from across the world is among the final 12 shortlisted for the award and is the only one from India, for promoting green business and working with impoverished communities.
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