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Anamalai Hills: Spot the Rare Birds and Animals, Breathe the Herbs, Go for Treks and More

Looking for a quiet and a lazy mountain holiday? Check out Anamalai hills. Every walk in the jungle is exhilarating.  This quiet and beautiful hill has the largest  sanctuary in Tamilnadu and is inhabited by wild tribes. A place to visit  if you are a nature lover longing to see rare animals and birds and breathe in those air laden with freshness and herbal aura. If you are a shutterbug, this is the place to be.  Make sure to bathe in the gentle monkey falls, a natural and refreshing waterfalls, along the valparai ghat road.

More on this paradise of hillstations –

ANAMALAI HILLS, a range of mountains in southern India, in the Coimbatore district of Madras, lying between 10° 13′ and 10° 31′ N. lat., and between 76° 52′ and 77° 23′ E. long., forming a portion of the Western Ghats, after this range has been broken by the Palghat Pass, south of the Nilgiris. They really consist of a forest-clad and grassy tableland, with summits rising about 8000 ft.; the Anaimudi mountain, which is the highest in southern India, having an altitude of 8850 ft. The only inhabitants are a few wild tribes who live by hunting and collecting jungle produce.

Location: Along the Western Ghats

Also Called: Elephant Hills

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Package Cost for WCSC and IRCTC – Spiritual Tour from Chennai to Aliyar

For details on the Spiritual tour, please check  Spiritual Tour – IRCTC, WCSC – Chennai to Aliyar

Thanks Umesh for your comment on the post. Here are the package cost details.

Package cost for 1 person

Thirumoorthi Hills
Single – 5250
Double – 4000
Triple – 3250
Child with bed – 2300
Child without bed – 2000

Single – 5750
Double – 4550
Triple – 3250
Child with bed – 2800
Child without bed – 2550

Spiritual Tour offered by World Community Service Centre and IRCTC – Chennai to Aliyar

World Community Service Centre (WCSC) is an organization dedicated for promoting human excellence and achieving world peace through individual peace and peace in the society. WCSC and IRCTC are jointly promoting a spiritual tour from Chennai to Aliyar. Several spiritual tours are planned during December 2011, January and February 2012 .

The package is designed to to varying needs of the participants. Participants can enjoy bliss through spiritual practices in serene atmosphere at morning sessions and shall enjoy natural bounty at exotic locations during afternoon and evenings.

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