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US Hyatt Hotel Chain offers Three-course organic menu ‘For Kids By Kids’

English: Organic vegetables at a farmers' mark...

Going organic is the healthier way to eat. Indians have imbibed the centuries old organic way of eating in our meals.  Looking out for a change, we have gone away from our usual food and explored new cuisines. Organic food is the way to go says Hyatt corporation and introduces innovative organic menu for kids tasted and approved by kids. Read on to know more…

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Efforts Do Pay – A Child Worker Goes to America For Media Studies

A child worker of North Chennai is packing his bags to go to America for specialising in media studies. Mohammed Sherief, now 21, had migrated across all sorts of odd jobs, from carpentry to distributing marketing handbills, since he was eight, earning sometimes as low as `15 a day. Most part of his childhood went in search of one square meal a day for his family.

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American Education Expo in Chennai

Those  who wish to have a taste of student life in US  will benefit greatly  by visiting the  American Education Expo, to be held in the city on Feb.10. Organized by the International Student Network and the U.S. Department of Commerce,  the expo will be held in Chennai, at Hotel Park Sheraton and is open 5pm to 8 pm. It  will feature 20 top American colleges and universities that are eager to admit Indian students to increase campus diversity. The colleges are offering majors courses in Computer Engineering, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Engineering, Business Administration, etc.

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Yoga Room in San Francisco International Airport, Are we lagging behind?

Yoga initiated in India by our ancient saints and sadhus has found its place in the western countries. It is well appreciated and given its place with many of our spiritual masters setting up centers abroad.  If you are travelling to Northern California, you can now find inner calm in the Yoga Room (studio) at San Francisco International Airport.  Very interesting but are we giving the discipline of yoga its due?

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US Student Visa – Important Points from the US Consulate General, Chennai

Students travelling to USA for higher studies, please note the points given by the US consulate to make your Visa process and stay in US  easy and comfortable.

The U.S. Consulate General, Chennai held a webchat on student visas in December 2011 with Vice Consul Michelle Zjhra, who was joined by U.S.-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) representative Brindha Balachandran.  Here are some highlights from the chat:

  • When coming in for your interview, bring in your I-20, yrour SEVIS, DS-160 form and your individual mark sheets.
  • Be articulate about what you want to do.

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