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Reminiscences – EchoVME #UrbanTreeChennai Bloggers Meet in Chennai

urban7Blogging is my passion and being a blogger makes me happy. Connecting with fellow bloggers never came to my mind until I saw few blogger meets happening elsewhere. It seemed all fun and it made me think it would be nice to meet our Chennai bloggers in person. It was quite disappointing to see blogger meets being organized in places such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi more often and Chennai not being in the radar for such events. My thoughts went to those Chennai bloggers I saw in the directory of blogger networks and started wondering if they ever met. Thanks to Manjulika Pramod, a blogger I follow in Twitter who retweeted about a Blogger Meet happening in Chennai with the link. The event was scheduled for the next day.

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MeterPodu, a New Website to Help Travelers To Get Average Auto Fares

These are the days when meters in autorickshaws seem as mere set-props, providing a grip to the riders during that inevitable bumpy ride, the only use of the device. History writers could soon think of a line- ‘Long long ago people used to pay fares to auto-drivers with the help of meters.’ But there seems to be some light at the end of, well, auto ride, as two techies from the city have started a website that serves as a quick guide to offer average auto fares between different destinations.

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