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Intelligent App to Facilitate Train Ticket Booking


Come vacation, long weekends or festivals, the first thing that comes to mind for the people planning travel is train tickets.  Booking a ticket during these days is a mental, emotional and physical challenge for many but unlike private operators for buses, we are dependent on government operated trains. Tickets booking open as early as 120 days and reservations for available seats gets completed so fast that short term planners find it almost next to impossible to travel by train. Though buses are an option, travelling with elderly people and women on a longer journey is not preferred by many.  Tatkal is another option but here too, it is for the jiffy expert users to find tickets using this process.  This has led to a development of a fantastico  high utility travel app called ConfirmTkt which predicts chances of confirmation for wait listed tickets using historical data. It also suggests alternates like break journeys to help book confirmed railway tickets.

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Inflammable Material on Trains, Call Southern Railway Officials on Mobile to Inform

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The Railways has appealed to passengers noticing inflammable materials o­n trains or railway premises to inform officials on the mobile number 09840668675 (Southern Railway Zone). According to a press release, in case of an emergency, passengers may pull the alarm chain and wait for the train to halt. Passengers are advised not to carry inflammable material o­n trains as it would endanger the safety of passengers and railway property. Carrying dangerous or offensive goods is prohibited under section 67 of the Railway Act and is punishable under sections 164 and 165 of The Railway Act, 1989.

Just Dial 8695959595 for Chennai City Routes, Bus Numbers, Local Train Timings

SETC-Tamil Nadu Bus

Lost in a new area and looking for the right buses to get you home? Need info regarding bus, train or flight ticket availability? Help is at hand, literally. Thanks to a new initiative by two young entrepreneurs, Routes is a new dial-up service in the city wherein callers can get their local travel queries answered free-of-cost.

Apart from information on Chennai city routes, bus numbers and local train timings, Routes will give details on timings, rates and seat availability of inter-city buses, trains and domestic flights; just dial 86 95 95 95 95.

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Chennai will have Air-conditioned Stainless Steel Metro Rail by 2014

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A gleaming stainless steel train will roll into a station every four-and-a-half minutes when the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) project is inaugurated in a couple of years. But officials are hoping to up the frequency to one train every two minutes 30 seconds once footfalls reach six lakh passengers a day.  Will this help to decongest Chennai traffic? Read on..

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Travel : Indulge in a Spiritual Trek to Sathuragiri Hills

Sathuragiri (chaturagiri) is the place to be if you are looking for a spiritual journey trekking all the way up and down on a hill, a nature’s haven, uninhabited except for the ancient temples  and the siddhas living on the hill. The temples are  1000-2000 years old  and thronged by devotees from all over India.

Watrap (Vathirairuppu) is a small village located in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India. The holy uphill shrine “Sundara Mahalingam temple” (also known as Thaani Paarai and Sathuragiri Malai) is located here.

The town is on the bank of the Arjuna River. There is a dam here for irrigation and agriculture called “Pilavakal dam” and it is one of the beautiful excellent picnic spots in this area.

Sathuragiri Hills is a must-see place if you are a nature lover.

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