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Copper Chimney’s The Great Indian Kabab Festival – Dig into Authentic Traditional Food


Authentic! Traditional! That 90s touch! Old street taste, inviting aroma – Few phrases we use to locate that specific food that will take us back to those golden days when each dish with that one common main ingredient tasted so different and unique. Those days, the chef signature was imbibed in everything and whatever we try at home, we will go back to him for that specific flavor.  These days, most of the times when we eat out, we end up feeling better making the dish at home and let me tell you, at times it is much better. Take for example, tomato soups at restaurants taste almost like Maggi soups we make at home. Where is that signature that makes us drool and walk in to the restaurant for that experience? We happily had one such experience with Copper Chimney at The Great Indian Kabab Festival happening now till April 14th 2017.



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Our Review of Vegetarian Food at Beyond Madras – Grandma’s Kitchen

Beyond Madras is a nice initiative by Park Hyatt to bring in Grand ma’s kitchen onto your table. It is quite evident that many authentic recipes of our grand mothers have been lost in time. As quite evident from our parents and grandparents, knowledge transfer has reduced as we moved from one generation and another. Who would not want to have a taste of food specialized by our grandmothers prepared the same way in a traditional ambiance at a 5 star hotel?  Here is our experience of ‘Grand Ma’s Kitchen’ by Beyond Madras restaurant in Park Hyatt.

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Homely Traditional Food and Stay for Pilgrims in Tirupati


Here is a very interesting offer by a Devotee for pilgrims travelling to Tirupati. People on a pilgrimage to pay their obeisance to the Lord undertake the temple visit to complete their prayers. During such time, the pilgrims should observe food without onions and garlic and the option to get such food in Tirupati is remote. Pilgrims depend on hotels and restaurants where such food is not provided. Same case with the stay also. The pilgrims require a dormitory to keep their pilgrimage intact but to locate those and get a space is pretty difficult for new comers and travelers. To help such people, now there is a place for stay providing food that suits pilgrims.

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Traditional Secret – Natural Preservative-Free Mango Pickle

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For nine decades, the Arjun Raja family in Rajapalayam have closely guarded a mango pickle recipe. And while they may not be sharing it yet, you can certainly get a taste of it now. “We have our own mango grove in Rajapalayam and make at least 150 kilos every year, that’s sold to friends and family,” says Chinmaya Arjun Raja, founder of Tasting Pleasures, a wine and gastronomic club.

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Traditional Ragi, Kambu Dosai Anyone ?

Millet in grains

Syeda Sana, a student of MOP College, was delighted. The 23-year-old ate delicious, traditional ragi dosa in the makeshift millet canteen in the city. “I tried traditional items such as ragi and cambu dosa. My grandparents used to tell us that millets are good for health,” she said.

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Visiting Srirangam ? Try out these Traditional Eateries

There are several eateries which are existing for several decades in Srirangam, which is near Trichy, Tamilnadu. The tradition, speciality and taste is held on even today. Read on to know more
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