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Aruvamanai, Our Indigenous Traditional Vegetable Cutter and Coconut Scraper

Aruvamanai, a unique cutting instrument, used by Tamil women where you have to squat on the floor, press the wooden plank to the floor with your feet and cut fruits and veggies on the sharp, curved menacing looking iron blade. You have both your hands free to hold the veggie and peel and then cut it. The serrated tip pf the boti also served the purpose of grating coconut and it was much faster than any other method I have seen.

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Traditional Folk Dances of Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu has  a number of folk dances.

Here is a list of them

• Kaliyattam
• Karagattam
• Kavadiyattam
• Oylattam
• Devarattam
• Kollattam
• Kai Silambattam
• Dummy Horse
• Peacock Dance

Let me describe about all these dances…

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