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‘Undo’ ing Tamil Theatre – Breathing Fresh

pic2As an avid Theatre enthusiast and in particular Tamil Theatre, great relief and unparalleled enthusiasm  seeped in as we watched Theatre Marina’s maiden production ‘Undo’, a Tamil stage play at Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Chennai. Fresh thoughts, intelligent script, inherent knowledge and beautiful sets and lights set the pace of this contemporary modern drama. It had elements of our own epic and science so well blended that it was absolutely a mind game of sorts in the time it was staged. After the last two stage plays we witnessed, we are happy that we never looked at the watch even once during the play.

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Popular Music Theater of Rural Tamilnadu – KattaiKuttu or Therukoothu

Kattaikkuttu is the University of the People, who cannot write and read (too well). It is our theatre and our culture. Kattaikkuttu is apopular musical theatre of the rural poor in North Tamil Nadu, India. It is Closely linked to the agrarian cycle & seasonal rituals. It is an embodiment of a vast, living, oral legacy. Now Under threat of extinction because of the rapid industrialization of the country side.

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First 4D Theater in Chennai

When the whole world is talking about 3D technology, here’s something that is even one step ahead of 3D entertainment. Now the people of Chennai can watch and enjoy 4D movies in city. The term “4D” stands for the Fourth Dimension, which is more as a novelty term to associate interactive features in its attractions.
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