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Switch on the television and  a popular serial or realty show is in the air. There comes a commercial break and there is a SMS contest and a display pops up at the bottom of your screen with a question announcing your replies can win you mobiles, gadgets and opportunity to participate in the program and what not.  And the question is so easy that even your child is up answering it.  Next, there is a live program or contest and you can call in to answer the question or share your movie song . The excitement of listening to your voice or answering a question or sending a message to your loved one is thrilling. Even better, on a few occasions, a popular actor is waiting for your call to talk to you.  Now you also get an opportunity to decide on the future course of action the serial should take by sharing your views.  Today even the consumer product advertisements ask you to call mobile nos to speak to popular actors endorsing the product. In all the above cases, without any hesitation, you grab your mobile to dial the number given. What is it you gain through this ? What is happening behind the screen?  Read on…

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Action Garbage Cleaning Towards Cleaner Chennai

A new garbage collection and street cleaning mechanism has been introduced in the city. This follows the completion of design of the route map of all 200 wards of the Chennai Corporation.

After all the 200 wards, including those covered by private conservancy contractor, Ramky Enviro Engineers, are brought in the system, a list of streets not cleaned would be generated on a daily basis by 10 a.m. at Ripon Building.

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