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Following Tea Trails in Chennai – Let us Eat and Drink Tea

9449a512-9fb5-4a97-862f-2a2e5a226fa3Chennai known more for its affinity to Coffee or kaapi is now getting its share of tea tasting experience with exclusive outlets for getting that Tea experience. Tea is no more limited to the hot beverage you get in roadside shops with a huge bag like filter and served in glasses. Tea Trails located in Ashok Nagar near the police station serves 80 different types of tea categorized as black, white, green, Oolong and herbal teas. Known as Chai, it is served without milk and there are 12 types of tea with milk.

The most interesting part of having the tea is the setup placed on the table along with instructions on brewing the specific tea.  The tea we had was Kashmiri Kahwa. Expecting a glass of dark brown tea (we had without milk), we were surprised to see an apparatus placed on the table with an instruction card specifying 1 to 2 minutes to brew the tea. So we waited for 2 minutes and pressed the button and lo!, we had 150 ml of  filtered brewed tea.  We were told we can brew the tea 4 times with the same ingredients making for 4 cups of tea when you buy one. Certainly an interesting concept and we were surprised at the cup of aromatic yellow tea. It is not over yet; we were served with Almond bits which we were told is sprinkled as an add on to the Kashmiri Kahwa tea.

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Tea Boutique in Chennai

A Coffee lovers own place, Tamilnadu has its share of tea lovers. Needless to say, with Nilgiris tea estates and its own brews, tea is not far behind.

If you want to drink black tea, laced with honey or fresh lime or maple syrup – Nathmulls Tea Cosy is the place to go to. This, the first  tea boutique in Chennai, offers a blend of the best Indian teas and the finest Indian craftsmanship. The teas are packed in exquisitely hand crafted wooden boxes and also packed in leather, velvet, fabric, plywood, jute, cane, paper mache, copper, walnut and handcrafted wooden boxes.

The tea is offered black, without adding sugar or milk since that is believed to dilute the properties of this herbal drink. 20 varieties of brewed tea are offered, while 70 varieties of orthodox leaf teas come in three kinds of packs – regular, gift packs and an exclusive. The regular packs like Golden Orange Pekoe are the most popular, apart from ‘Green tea’, which also happens to be the most popular of the tea brews.

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