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Art, Fashion and Tattoos

Secrets can be delicious. Glimpses of them can be alluring. Revelations can completely change perceptions. All to explain why tattoos are so addictive.

Chennai’s tattoo culture is gradually coming of age.It’s also finally now moving into the age of secret, personal, grown-up tattoos. While the old favourites — angels on shoulders, tribal art on the lower back and Yin-Yang across biceps — are still popular, people also design their own art now. Tattoo artists are constantly asked to come up with unusual concepts. Most people rarely stop at one tattoo – the city average is, in fact, is about five per person.

Before Going for a Tattoo

Ask yourself the following questions

Do you really want a tattoo?

Don’t get tattooed impulsively. Tattoos are permanent, and though you can get them removed, the process is expensive and painful.

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