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Tata Motors offers Affordable Fuel Efficient Cars in Sri Lanka

Tata Motors, the leading vehicle manufacturer in Sri Lanka has come out with a range of brand new cars in the personal and commercial segments.  Highlight of today’s vehicle buying lies in affordability without much compromise on safety and facilities. Tata Motors offers petrol and diesel cars in both manual and automatic variants.  The wide range of vehicles from Tata motors,  GenX Nano, Tata Bolt, Tata Zest and Indigo eCS, caters to the various expectations of the customers. Take for example, GenX Nano, the most affordable fuel efficient car. It has taken the automobile segment to a different level being the most significant choice for city driving with its compact size and good performance. Sri Lanka can now buy Tata Indigo eCS, a car which marries price, size and features to offer best affordable fuel efficient car in its range.

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Namma Chennai where Driving for Business and Leisure has Equal Importance


Pallavapuram, Pallavaram Today

Chennai, one of the old metropolitan cities of India, is the capital of Tamilnadu and home to diverse population from India and abroad. Chennai is home to rich culture, heritage and tradition and for our local food items including the famous Idli, Dosa, and Sambhar. Chennai, known as Madras earlier is an old city that came into existence during the British regime as ‘Madrasapattinam’. The borders of the then Madrasapattinam ranged from Nellore to Cuddalore. Any one from Chennai can imagine the area Madrasapattinam has covered in the name of Thondaimandalam. I am sure everyone here would have recollected the movie ‘Madrasapattinam’ which showcased the place in its fervor to an extent. Many areas of Chennai have come into existence during this time and earlier too. For example, Pallavaram, a locality in Chennai is Pallavapuram established by Pallava king, Mahendra Varman in 7th century. This place is considered one of the oldest settlements in South India.

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Hearty Talk: Proud to say My #madeofgreat is the Person of the Century


This is going to be a blog on someone who left a lasting impression on me, someone who is #madeofgreat virtues and values to create that Wow factor in me. Turn around and today we see celebrities in real and make believe world with people adoring them. But not all appeal to everyone and that is the science of human mind. One just cannot follow or appreciate anyone without the IMPACT. Here is one person who has made it into many hearts and minds in his own way, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, an undeniable #madeofgreat man who preached and lived his life as an example. To everyone who shed tears on his death, he made an impact in their own way. He proved he is the man to follow in all his activities before death and after too. To me, he meant more than an icon, an irreparable loss of a fatherly figure, philosopher and guide.

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