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Theater – Tamil Play Review – Gurukulam Boys 95’s Theedhum Nandrum By V P S Sriraman

30711158_10156383623068653_6126081074473526359_nKodai Nataka Vizha (Summer Drama Festival) of Kartik Fine Arts is ON in the city and it is wholesome entertainment and drama time for theater lovers. The festival is happening at Narada Gana sabha, Alwarpet from April 22nd to May 3rd. We witnessed the play by Gurukulam Original Boys 1995, Theedhum Nandrum by V.P.S.Sriraman on 1st May at 7 PM. The title is a popular adage, “Theedhum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaaraa” –  We do not beget the good and the bad from others. In short, it conveys that everything is within us and the way we see and adapt ourselves leads us to good and bad in life. The concept of adjustment was so beautifully handled in the play that we could connect with it instantly.

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Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Mystic Traditions (MyTra) is the new initiative of Chennai Focus into the domain of video logging in other words Vlogging.   This product has come into being to satisfy our constant pursuit in bringing the power of professional videos to communicate and also use it effectively to explore the nuances and mysticism behind our culture and traditions, practices, and intentions behind it. It is a culmination of Experiment, Experience and Beliefs traversing the length and breadth of Science, Architecture, Ancient Wisdom, Archaeology and the list is endless. Such an attempt needs expertise and knowledge in the subject and also in scripting and film making and who else can it be than Director Naga to spearhead this initiative and take it to places we never had been with the right understanding.  Every initiative needs a catalyst to make it happen and we are happy to announce that Playwright  and Scriptwriter K.Vivekshankar has also joined us in providing multidimensional facet to our channel to explore more areas of application as we move forward. We thank him for his efforts in being instrumental in making our tiny thought into reality by doing all the ground work and taking over the administration and operations of our New YouTube channel MyTra.


Malaysia Plays Host to Superstar’s Kabali and Surya’s S3 Shoots

Malaysia and Tamils have had an unique bonding,  a feeling of extended family from both sides. Whenever Malaysian Tamil friends come home, we never felt the distance or a feel that we are hosting foreigners, such is our connection.  Malaysia has gone over leaps and bounds in encouraging Tamils in their land to the extent we see premiere, launches happening there and the crowd is nowhere lesser in spirits or in numbers to encourage our fraternity.  Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board or Tourism Malaysia invites us with open arms and leaves no stones unturned to makes us feel at home with their hospitality and celebrations.  Their efforts  to see Malaysia as a  tourist destination at all levels has made a big impact with 27.4 million tourist arrivals and RM72 billion in receipts in 2014, making tourism its second largest foreign exchange earner.  


Now to the reel news in real, our Superstar Rajnikanth starrer Kabali,  is shot in some of the exotic locations of Malaysia over next few weeks and also stars a couple of Malaysian actors. This is the second schedule of shooting and the superstar was earlier in Malaysia last year and was astonished to see his fan following in the country. Kabali is an ambitious project which is loosely based on the life of popular don Kabaleeswaran.

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Theatre Talk: Connected Yet Disconnected


Bombay Chanakya’s Kalamandir celebrates its 25th anniversary with 2 Tamil plays, ‘Moondravathu Kai’ (Third Hand)and ‘Naangaam Ulagam’(4th World). Both the plays are 1 hour plays and intermission is honoring the playwrights for their contribution to Tamil Theatre. We thank Bombay Chanakya for inviting us to watch the play, knowing well our capability to review without any bias.

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‘Undo’ ing Tamil Theatre – Breathing Fresh

pic2As an avid Theatre enthusiast and in particular Tamil Theatre, great relief and unparalleled enthusiasm  seeped in as we watched Theatre Marina’s maiden production ‘Undo’, a Tamil stage play at Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Chennai. Fresh thoughts, intelligent script, inherent knowledge and beautiful sets and lights set the pace of this contemporary modern drama. It had elements of our own epic and science so well blended that it was absolutely a mind game of sorts in the time it was staged. After the last two stage plays we witnessed, we are happy that we never looked at the watch even once during the play.

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Aruvamanai, Our Indigenous Traditional Vegetable Cutter and Coconut Scraper

Aruvamanai, a unique cutting instrument, used by Tamil women where you have to squat on the floor, press the wooden plank to the floor with your feet and cut fruits and veggies on the sharp, curved menacing looking iron blade. You have both your hands free to hold the veggie and peel and then cut it. The serrated tip pf the boti also served the purpose of grating coconut and it was much faster than any other method I have seen.

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Translation to Tamil from Other Languages is the Publishing Trend Now

Translations are emerging as the new big story in Tamil publishing. Polemical political writing to self-help guides to classics from other languages, Indian and European, are now being translated into Tamil. If you are interested in Tamil writing and are proficient in foreign languages  such as French, German, Spanish, Russian or any other popular language(s), there is an opportunity for you. Read on

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Missing out on the Classic Works in Tamil? Not Any More…

If you are not familiar with Tamil language but interested in reading the Tamil vernacular works of  award winning authors in Tamil, it is time to rejoice. Translation of Tamil works into English is gaining popularity. Read on …

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Learn to Speak, Read and Write Tamil through Experts Help

English: An overview of Tamil language learning.

It was Mr Srinivas Parthasarathy’s five-year-old dream to start a centre that would teach the Tamil language to students who didn’t know how to read and write the language. His dream came true last month with Tamilmozhi Koodam. “We wanted to do something for our mother tongue Tamil and started working on developing Tamil websites from 2005.

Our dream was to start an exclusive centre that would teach Tamil language, literature and religious songs to students and adults.Our dream came true with Tamilmozhi Koodam, which was started last month,” said Mr Srinivas who, along with his team, is into web development for more than a decade now. The centre teaches students to speak, read, and write the language.

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Do You Know Valluvar Kottam Chariot is the Replica of Thiruvarur Chariot?

English: Valluvar Kottam at Chennai, India is ...

You can go to the Valluvar Kottam and this famous poet saint looks alive in the huge statue dedicated to him at this place. In the Thirukurral, there are 133 chapters of immense significance. There is a big auditorium and has the accommodation capacity upto 4000 people. This is the wonderful memorial and has been made by the 3000 stone blocks. Thiruvallur was a great scholar and poet, the noted author of Thirukural. The experiences of the book are quite marvelous and it has provided to be the big insight for the men. Very famous people of India and the world are inspired by this book and indeed it is the masterpiece of literature.

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Thanks to Poet Vennila, An Unnoticed Gem Historian P.Sivanadi and His Works Becomes Visible

History often repeats itself. In this case, it literally has. The 15-volume Indhiya Sarithira Kalanjiyam — a monumental document of world and Indian history from 1700 to 1840 A.D. by historian P. Sivanadi — has been reprinted in concise eight volumes thanks to the efforts of poet A. Vennila.

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Read this Article to Win

Switch on the television and  a popular serial or realty show is in the air. There comes a commercial break and there is a SMS contest and a display pops up at the bottom of your screen with a question announcing your replies can win you mobiles, gadgets and opportunity to participate in the program and what not.  And the question is so easy that even your child is up answering it.  Next, there is a live program or contest and you can call in to answer the question or share your movie song . The excitement of listening to your voice or answering a question or sending a message to your loved one is thrilling. Even better, on a few occasions, a popular actor is waiting for your call to talk to you.  Now you also get an opportunity to decide on the future course of action the serial should take by sharing your views.  Today even the consumer product advertisements ask you to call mobile nos to speak to popular actors endorsing the product. In all the above cases, without any hesitation, you grab your mobile to dial the number given. What is it you gain through this ? What is happening behind the screen?  Read on…

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