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Aircel Innovates with its Campaigns to Attract Consumers


Mobile data has become a tool to connect and fares better than voice data.  Aircel invited us for #AircelBlogUpChennai meet at the Part Hotel to give us an insight into the industry statistics and its product offerings.  It was an interesting meet with Mr. Sunil Kuttam, Head – Data Devices taking us through a presentation of mobile data statistics among countries and its penetration and various causes and effects for the numbers.  More importantly, we came to know about various campaigns of Aircel and the factors behind Aircel’s growth of 53% data revenue and 65% consumption.  We had fun and informative contests for the group of about 25+ bloggers from the City.

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Adrenaline Rush : WildTribe Ranch Adventure Park Opens in ECR, Chennai

Chennai has a new fun element inaugurated on 12th March 2016. So get ready for the adrenaline rush. If you are the kind travelling on the ECR, you could not have missed the WildTribe Ranch next to Crocodile bank and Jade resorts. It is not a new kid in the block for Chennai but just for ECR since the adventure park has just moved from Ponneri to ECR after successful 9 years there. WildTribe called us to have the first feel (isn’t it thrilling?) through Chennai Bloggers Club ( Here is our experience at the venue. For those not the real adventurous or the little fuzzy ones, here is a sigh of relief. WildTribe focuses on two main things – Safety and Hygiene. We had it proved when we were refused to try few of the adventures since safety check was not completed yet. Safety boards and precautions are there in red and yellow everywhere and the operators are clear on the permissible age and weight giving us the confidence we need to get onto the adventurous trail.


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Two days Snake Workshop in Chennai

Fear snakes?  How about a workshop to get over it by knowing more about them. India is has rich flora and fauna and it is our pride to get to know them more so we can appreciate them. This is one such 2 days workshop in Chennai on Reptile Management, Snake workshop. More details here –


STORM – Scientific Training on Reptile Management, a one of a kind Snake Workshop in Chennai, India. A pioneering initiative by the Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology in association with bay of Life conservation is aimed at all those people who have taken the leap from abhorring reptiles to understanding and learning to co-exist with them. Be it novice snake rescuers, students, enthusiasts who would like to hone their knowledge or others who want to learn right and ethical methods of handling them, this comprehensive bi-series snake workshop is an open door to learning about reptiles.

Note: Certificate of Participation will be given on completion of the snake workshop.

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Old is Gold Mornings Revived with #Colgate360GoldMornings

nalukettuDawn breaks and our home is abuzz with ceremonial traditional Suprabatham so loud yet soothing such that everyone wakes up to it.  Our beautiful home is lit with natural light entering through the traditional windows and the sun roof on the terracotta tiles. Our expansive home extends 3 divisions in length and the whole place is filled with pleasant incense.  Getting up in the morning is refreshing and triggers a unique feeling of awakening in me. A walk to the backyard reveals the well cared for garden of guava, mango, neem, drumstick, coconut trees dotted with fragrant flower beds of jasmine, hibiscus, rose and many day and night flowers.  It is a unique experience to see those buds waiting for the respective breaks to show up their lovely faces.

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Music Season and Food Review : Quick Roundup

02fr-KESHAV_jpg_2265413fMusic season, December music festival or Margazhi Utsavam as its fondly called is a season of celebration of music in Chennai. All sabhas run their itinerary one after the other or parallel to give in the feast of music and dance not only to Chennai people but for people who make it a point to visit here during this time hailing from different parts of India and abroad. Sabha hopping is one of the activity so dearly associated with this phenomenon which means moving from one sabha to another to attend different concerts.

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Maritime Heritage Museum at Mahabalipuram

The Tamil Nadu maritime heritage museum, coming up at Mamallapuram, near here, will have 3D shows in the auditorium to give a real-life feeling to visitors, especially children.

Simulators for submarines, depiction of the maritime history of the state from the Sangam era till the end of the 20th century, are also planned at the museum in which the decommissioned INS Vagli submarine will be the centrepiece of attraction.

The themes for display was proposed by R. Kannan, principal secretary of tourism. He said each era would be depicted separately and in the modern era, from 1900 AD onwards, there would be sub-sections for each type of technology like papyrus ships, palmyrah ships, steam ships, wooden ships, steel, diesel ships, buoys communications, lighthouses, etc.

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Amudham outlets across Tamilnadu to sell Super Fine Rice

Two varieties of Puzhungal (boiled) rice, equivalent to IR 36 category will be now sold through “Amudham,” retail outlet of the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation, and cooperative societies.

R. Kamaraj, Minister for Food inaugurated this on Sept.15 at the outlet in C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet.

This super fine variety rice is priced at Rs.31 for 1 kilo and Rs.155 for 5 kilo, another category IR36 is priced at Rs.25 for 1 kilo and Rs.125 for 5 kilo.

A new brand of tea, Indco’s Tea (Ooty) has also been introduced here. This is priced at Rs.13 for 100 grams.

These will be available at all the “Amudham” outlets across the State. The government has bought out this scheme to beat the increasing price rise in the market.

South India to Experience Radio Boom – 235 Private FM Stations in 80 Towns

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack

Small towns in South India are going to experience nothing less than a ‘radio wave’ over the next three years as 235 private FM licences will be e-auctioned for 80 towns. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B Ministry) will auction 839 FM radio licences, out of which 235 will be for Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. People staying in small towns will no longer be dependent only on Akashvani, but will have a plethora of radio stations belting out various kinds of music to choose from.

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The Best of Cotton Fabric with Zari – Know Balaramapuram Traditional Weaving

This is a series dedicated to identifying our traditions and methods adopted by our ancestors.  A  unique handloom technique of interlaced weaving of cotton with zari is the pride of Balaramapuram. Balaramapuram is a small town in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India. The Balaramapuram handloom sarees are well known for simplicity, exquisite hand-woven designs and beauty. The traditional handloom grey sarees are made out of the finest cotton yarn with intricate and unique designs. It was during the regime of His Highness Maharaja Balaramavarma, which dates back from 1798 to 1810 that the handloom weaving was first introduced at Balaramapuram.

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Encouraging Emerging Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu

TiEcon 2009

The spark of an idea, the spirit of an individual, the enterprise of the team go into building a successful business. Without being aware, the government’s economic forecast and the nation’s economic growth hinges on entrepreneurial success and the vibrant progress of businesses. The ultimate recognition for an entrepreneur is taking the stage in the limelight to stand out from the crowd and win an award.

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City Students Get Exposed to Village Life as a Part of Development Management Course

Village Life in Tamil Nadu

When the village heads of the Keezhamattaiyan village near Sholavandan asked the 90-odd students from six city colleges to remove their footwear before entering the village, they were surprised. Wearing footwear is banned in the village for all the castes, in respect of the village deity. Students participating in ‘Heritage 2012’, organised by the Tata – Dhan Academy, were exposed to many such local practices as part of the two-day programme which was inaugurated on Saturday.

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Tamil Nadu Sets an Example in Organ Donation – A Moment of Pride and Contemplation

It is probably the most difficult decision to make, but the people of Tamil Nadu have set an example for the rest of the country to follow. The state has recorded a stunning 80 per cent ‘conversion rate’, coming out as the most generous in the world, when it comes to donating a loved ones’ organs.

“By ‘conversion rate’ we mean that 80 per cent of families approached by our grief counsellors, agreed to pull the plug and donate their loved ones’ organs. Even in developed countries like USA where nearly everyone pledges their organs on their drivers’ license, only 50 per cent of families can be convinced to donate organs,” explains Dr Sunil Shroff, managing trustee of Mohan foundation.

There have been 268 organ donors from Tamil Nadu since the program began in 2008 — 52 hearts, 6 lungs, 239 livers and 487 kidneys have been harvested from brain dead accident victims and given to terminally ill people. In addition, there were hundreds of tissues like heart valves, corneas and skin that were retrieved.

Thanks to a motivated network of doctors who declare the brain death, intensivists who maintain the cadaver on life support and transplant co-ordinators who convince the bereaved families and guide them through the load of paperwork required for the consent, the state has a record cadaver organ donation rate of 1.3 million per population, which is 15 times the national average.

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