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Review of Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire, a tablet computer version of’s Kindle e-book reader has an external dimension of 7.5″ by 4.7″. It is priced at $200. It was impressive to note that it provides, movies, apps, games, music, reading, fast web browsing with Amazon Silk, free cloud storage for all Amazon content. But how many of these are accessible out side United State was a question in my mind. A review about Kindle Fire answered several question. Read on to see the full review.
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Cheapest Tablet of the World

The low cost tablet, Aakash was unveiled in October 2011. Indian government has ordered 100,000 of these tablets and looking at 10 million in the coming years and expect to bring down the cost. It costs Indian Rupees 2,250,   US$ 45.  Read on to know more.
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