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Let us Give Other Sports Persons a Chance

India is home to many sports and surprisingly the national sport of India is Hockey. Just as we have a country capital, New Delhi and a commercial, business, entertainment capital in Mumbai, we have a national sport hockey and a popular sport Cricket. No, this post is not against Cricket or Cricket fans but a reminder about the other sports and sports persons struggling to get their recognition after consistent hard work and least support.  We decided to write this post when we came across a sportsperson lamenting about lack of sponsorship to buy shoes to participate in national level championship. Yes, the person lacks funds to have his basic necessities addressed to play for the state. Naturally our thoughts turned towards the  sportsmen  earning in lakhs and crores by way of sponsors. Why is it that  certain sports are given more exposure and other sports ignored?  Everyone of us has watched the street performers aka gypsies walking on the tied rope with ease. Wouldn’t these people make good gymnasts if we trained them right ?

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