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LunchPi Serves Healthy Meals at Affordable Price

We came across LunchPi through a Facebook post as we were looking for food to be delivered at home. What attracted us primarily was the pricing. It is not that we do not wish to pay more to eat good food but for a trial we always prefer pocket friendly ones. Luckily they had a Facebook page and browsing it we understood they have a set menu ( talking about 3 months back) which is posted in it in the morning.

It was already 10.30 am and generally the food caterers expect the order to be placed a day earlier or at the least previous night for the morning and morning for the evening. So quite hesitant and ready for a No mentally, we called up the number. We heard a friendly voice who confirmed that the order can be delivered. We were really surprised and as we were pure vegetarians, we had a hesitation as LunchPi serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. She confirmed the vegetarian food is prepared in a separate kitchen and the non-veg food in another kitchen. That is a great relief for a vegetarian and we can see many agreeing with us here.

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Healthy Meal Tiffin Services Delivered at Homes and Offices

If you are looking for a tiffin supplier in Chennai to provide you lunch or dinner at your home or office, here is a list of suppliers in Chennai with the contact numbers. While contacting the Tiffin Supplier, please ascertain prices applicable presently. Prices stated below (if any) may have changed due to rising prices.

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