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Service with a Difference, A Bus Conductor Captures Hearts With Thirukkural

A work is no more a job when you start enjoying it.  It is attitude that matters and as we know every good deed brings in pleasant feelings and many passengers vouch for L.Kanaga  Subramani, a bus conductor who has proved it so.

 L.Kanaga Subramani reads out the Thirukkural everyday to his passengers. He is definitely not your average bus conductor.

The first thing he does on waking up each morning is reach for the Thirukkural. He studies a couplet and dwells on its meaning. When he leaves home for work, bus conductor L. Kanaga Subramani carries the book with him. At the Mettupalayam bus stand, he goes about work as usual — he dispenses tickets to passengers of an Ooty-bound bus. But when the bus stops briefly at Kallar at around 7.15 a.m., Subramani puts away his ticket bag and swings into action.

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