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Booming Business Opportunity – Online Tutoring and Assistance

A mathematics lecture, apparently about linear...

Everything from text books to chatting with a teacher can be done online, so why not move school study halls to the web? A recent survey predicts that 2012-2013 school year will see the rise of online study halls by students who want to enhance their education with digital content and more online collaboration.

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City Students Get Exposed to Village Life as a Part of Development Management Course

Village Life in Tamil Nadu

When the village heads of the Keezhamattaiyan village near Sholavandan asked the 90-odd students from six city colleges to remove their footwear before entering the village, they were surprised. Wearing footwear is banned in the village for all the castes, in respect of the village deity. Students participating in ‘Heritage 2012’, organised by the Tata – Dhan Academy, were exposed to many such local practices as part of the two-day programme which was inaugurated on Saturday.

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Volunteering Opportunity for Homemakers

Scribing in progress

She was like any other homemaker till she happened to see an advertisement that called for volunteers to assist visually challenged students. Ms Padmavathy Anand resigned the Central government job to take care of her two children.

But after a few years when the kids were able to manage their own, Padmavathy decided to do her bit to society and volunteered as a scribe and a reader for visually impaired students. “I joined Prerana Helpline Foundation that works for the visually challenged students. It has been eight years now and all the students have become my good friends.

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In Today’s World, Will Academic Education Alone Suffice?

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Money-Wizards, an IIM Alumni venture brings to Chennai high quality and accessible finance education for school children, college students, working adults, educated housewives and senior citizens. The courses are tailor made and do not assume any prior investment or finance knowledge. The programmes for school children are experiential in nature and exposes them to the world of money, finance and business.

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