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5 Simple Tips to Lose Fat

Now that you have started working out (How to Make Fitness a Habit?)and you have also figured out what is going wrong with your diet, Fitness Talk – Breaking the Myths for True Fitness, if you are still not able to see those beautiful love handles vanish.

Brain doesnt get signal when you eat fastHold on…! Don’t worry…! I’ve got something for you.

Let me acknowledge this, burning fat is not an easy task. It is like “Rama” beheading “Ravana” and he still pops up with a new head as though nothing had happened.

Similarly, you might be fed-up with all your sincere efforts and be upset about the result for no harm of yours.

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Exam Fever Starts for Parents: Coping with Studies

We are approaching exam season and parents look tenser than the wards following up with them every minute, watching their movements and ensuring that they are always with their books. To every student waiting to write their exams, parents are demon incarnates breathing on their neck with the words ‘Study, Marks, Grade’. As a parent, I can understand the stress and thought process of the parents but children also deserve better.


Parents can turn out to be Fantastico for their wards if they understand psychology a bit and also the art of coping with problems that surface in the process of learning.


Children reaching the secondary level have to contend with the fact that whatever they have learnt till then was without thinking about the subject. As the grade progresses, learning gets associated with thinking and the need to think to learn arises.

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What Kids Today Miss Out – Having Fun and Friends without Inhibitions


I was excited to write on this topic when I was asked to write for #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. This gave me an opportunity to rewind and delve deep in my childhood memories. Remembering the good old days, my first thought goes to the times of fun we had without bothering about our age or studies or anything that matters to children today. It was our own world, a beautiful world without any inhibitions. Vijaya, my playmate and friend with whom I had the best of fun comes to my mind. Vijaya was almost the same age as me and was working as a babysitter (well, I never knew this term till the millennium). Vijaya’s mother worked as a maid servant and would do all the household chores while Vijaya will assist aunty in taking care of the child.

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