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How to Make Fitness a Habit?

'This getting fit is killing me.'Ok…! Now before you scroll down any further let me hit the nail straight on its head. The very reason that you’ve opened this article is that just a fortnight into the New Year and you are already apprehensive about whether you’re going to get caught in a rut and do the same old act of giving up on your fitness goals and then wait again for another 300 days to pass by. Else if you are someone who has been hitting the gym regularly you may find this helpful with respect to redefining your goals and progressively break your own limits.

Now for most you, who are desperate about getting fit, unfortunately, you might tend to fail in your attempt towards getting fit and being healthier for no fault of yours, by falling into a vicious cycle where you have failed expectations leading to loss of hope thereby clinging back onto your old habits and then social pressure might push you to your limits where in you reluctantly force yourself to get started again and then the same cycle repeats again and again until the next new year.

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Adrenaline Rush : WildTribe Ranch Adventure Park Opens in ECR, Chennai

Chennai has a new fun element inaugurated on 12th March 2016. So get ready for the adrenaline rush. If you are the kind travelling on the ECR, you could not have missed the WildTribe Ranch next to Crocodile bank and Jade resorts. It is not a new kid in the block for Chennai but just for ECR since the adventure park has just moved from Ponneri to ECR after successful 9 years there. WildTribe called us to have the first feel (isn’t it thrilling?) through Chennai Bloggers Club ( Here is our experience at the venue. For those not the real adventurous or the little fuzzy ones, here is a sigh of relief. WildTribe focuses on two main things – Safety and Hygiene. We had it proved when we were refused to try few of the adventures since safety check was not completed yet. Safety boards and precautions are there in red and yellow everywhere and the operators are clear on the permissible age and weight giving us the confidence we need to get onto the adventurous trail.


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We Do Have What It Takes – A Tamilnadu Village that Breathes Hockey

English: A group photo of the victorious India...

For the villagers of N Panjampatti in Dindigul district, hockey is a way of life. They play the sport for the sheer love of it. The village’s tryst with hockey dates back to pre-Independence, for even then, it produced an exceptional player, K V S Maria Soosai, who was with the British Army and played for the British team then. The seeds of hockey were planted in the village from pre-Independence era due to its association with the defence services as Panajampatti is also known as a military village as many are in the armed services.

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Do you know Sabari Karthik, Our Own International Karate Champion ?


India is home to champions of many kind and sports is one of them, often unnoticed and unsung. Kudos to the Coimbatore boy who is making waves silently in the international arena. Yes, Tamilnadu is home to an international Karate champion, Sabari Karthik in the photo with his coach. Read on to support such young talents and encourage the others aspiring to be one of the kind..

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Let us Give Other Sports Persons a Chance

India is home to many sports and surprisingly the national sport of India is Hockey. Just as we have a country capital, New Delhi and a commercial, business, entertainment capital in Mumbai, we have a national sport hockey and a popular sport Cricket. No, this post is not against Cricket or Cricket fans but a reminder about the other sports and sports persons struggling to get their recognition after consistent hard work and least support.  We decided to write this post when we came across a sportsperson lamenting about lack of sponsorship to buy shoes to participate in national level championship. Yes, the person lacks funds to have his basic necessities addressed to play for the state. Naturally our thoughts turned towards the  sportsmen  earning in lakhs and crores by way of sponsors. Why is it that  certain sports are given more exposure and other sports ignored?  Everyone of us has watched the street performers aka gypsies walking on the tied rope with ease. Wouldn’t these people make good gymnasts if we trained them right ?

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