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Playing 2 Aces with Place and Space

After a stint of 15 years abroad, I arrived in Chennai to begin my life here. I had a successful career out there and was quite comfortable settling there. My family thought otherwise, they wanted to enjoy the freedom of being in their own country and get to know our rich traditions and culture. They were longing to find their identity back in India and introduce themselves to my friends and relatives.

I studied Engineering way back in the 90s and struggled to find a decent job. I lived with my parents in one of the dinghy streets of Triplicane in Chennai with hardly any place to move around. The place was so constructed that the wall of one house’s kitchen was the wall of the neighbor’s living room. I wanted my own space and privacy and hence worked hard to land in a company which would take me abroad. And there I was in US, enjoying the vast space, richness and cleanliness of the country I longed to live in, right from my college days. I married an Indian girl from a family who settled in the country 2 generations back and we had 2 children. The yearning to get back to our country seemed to be more with her and the children than me. Unable to resist their interest, here I was, back in our country with my family.

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