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Amazing hair makeover experience at Cuts and Colours, Royapettah

Cuts and Colours is one of the largest in Royapettah, to have a salon and spa under one roof.

We recently had an opportunity to get a haircut and hair colour with them.

Going for a hair makeover can be daunting giving to the amount of inspiration we can find off magazines and the internet. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which style would suit our face structure, and Cuts and Colours made sure our experience was super smooth.

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Fish Spa – One of a kind of Spa Experience

Fish Spa

Brief History: For decades, people seeking alternative methods of healing have made pilgrimages to Eastern Europe countries such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan to name a few, to experience the Dr Fish therapy at the hot spring spas resorts. These fish’s unique dietary habits were first discovered in the waters of a hot spring near Kangal, Turkey.

Natural exfoliation of dead skin
Moisturizers absorb easier
Stimulates blood circulation
Lightens minor scars
Eases psoriasis and minor eczema
Releases stress and tension: the tickling sensation provides an instant mood-lift

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