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Day 3 – Introspective Journey towards the End, Southern Tip of India

Travel is never tiring when we are on our own and choose to do something we love.  Our sudden decisions to change our routes have always been a memorable journey and we never deter for a moment to pursue what is in us. Day 3 was initially dedicated to Tiruchendur, the beautiful abode of Lord Muruga, one of the six Arupadai Veedu ( 6 houses).  We wanted a journey to the beach, became famous after the 2004 Tsunami where the ocean pulled in and never came out to hit the temple.  Science and Beliefs are at war here but to us, we know it is the place that holds us, be it for its amazing shoreline or the enormity of the temple and its significance.  As we were retiring on Day 2, we saw many on the road wearing green dhotis and walking in groups.  We came to know that these people are walking to Tiruchendur for Thai Poosam that Sunday, the day after tomorrow.  The groups we saw were near Kallidaikurichi and Tiruchendur was about 70+ kms away.  We could see young and old alike without slippers but peppy as ever and least bothered about the long walk ahead chanting divine names and proceeding towards the temple. Their sincerity and dedication made such an impact on us and made us contemplate on our travel without compromising an iota of comfort.  Bowing to them for their devotion and sustenance, we proceeded on our journey.

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Mega Aqua Show – Exhibition and Sale of 1000 rare varieties of Fish, Birds and More

240 litres aquarium with different fishes, pla...

A Splash expo was inaugurated in the city on Wednesday. With a vast showcase of ornamental varieties of fishes, the mega aqua show on showcase at Valluvarkottam was inaugurated by director Ameer. Walking in, the mood is set with the lively beats and opening lyrics of “Boom Boom Robo-da,” coming through a life-size Rajinikanth. The Superstar has been modelled (big guns in hand) after a popular scene from Endhiran. Now, the actor may have no connection to marine world, but the appearance did make the biggest ‘splash’ of all.

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Buddhist Temple in Chennai

Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka - Kalutara

It’s very rare to find a temple for Buddha in Chennai, the gateway of South India. You can even find Jain temples, but not Buddhist temples, as the Buddhist population in Chennai is almost nil. However, there is a Buddhist temple in Chennai. This article explores about that temple.

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New Rural Tourism Destinations in Tamilnadu Introduced

Rural tourism is all set to gain recognition in Tamilnadu with Navabashanam, Theerthamalai, Vadanemmeli and Tirupudaimaruthur getting nod from the Tamilnadu government and funds from Union Tourism Ministry to be developed as  rural tourism destinations.

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Know Our Own Mamallapuram aka Mahabalipuram

Mamallapuram, to the south of Chennai on the Tamil Nadu coast, is a marvellous town of temples carved out ofrock. 

SHORE TEMPLE, 8TH century. It is one of the finest examples of Indian structural stone temples. The Nandis along the outer wall seem to greet and invite one into the sacred space within.

WHILE the early western Chalukyas ruled in present-day Karnataka, by the end of the 6th century A.D., the Pallava rulers from present-day Andhra Pradesh extended their control southwards over much of Tamil Nadu. They created the first large empire of South India. It is from the time of the rule of the Pallava king Mahendra, from A.D. 600 to A.D. 630, that numerous inscriptions have been found and Pallava history is documented.

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Looking Back at History, The Ramnad Palace

It is believed to be the best example of preservation of heritage buildings considering its long history and tradition. Although it hasfaced several seasons and calamities, including cyclone, flood, and drought, the Ramnad Palace, popularly known as Ramalinga Vilasam, has remained intact, setting of a sort of record in southern Tamil Nadu.

The palace complex, consisting of main durbar hall, residential buildings, private rooms, weapon store room and cave, dates back to around 350 years old. According to the official of book of Archaeological Department of Tamil Nadu, it was constructed between 1690 and 1710.

According to the “Courts of Pre-Colonial South India” written by Jennifer Howes, the construction of the palace may have started as early as 1650s, only a few decades after the Madurai Palace was built. During the 17th century the military strength, material wealth and courtly rituals of Sethupathy Kings, who ruled nearly one fifth of Tamil Nadu from 1601 to 1948, were expanded rapidly. The evidence of this expansion is found in the sprawling complex and paintings.

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Visiting Srirangam ? Try out these Traditional Eateries

There are several eateries which are existing for several decades in Srirangam, which is near Trichy, Tamilnadu. The tradition, speciality and taste is held on even today. Read on to know more
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Cycle Tour Covering Tamilnadu and Kerala – Experience the Local Culture and the Villages

A tour is experienced best if you get the feel of local culture, food, villages and the life of people in the region. If you are interested in seeing the real Tamilnadu and Kerala, take a 11 days cycle tour starting in January before the Pongal Festival, the harvest festival of Tamilnadu and participate in the festival in a village. Read on for details


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Travel to Pondy and Learn Surfing in 10 Days

Riding the waves is a pleasure and training is a must.  Read on about  Kallialay, The surfing school in Pondicherry aka Puducherry.

Juan and Samai Reboul, born in a small village off the coast of Spain, were not introduced to the world of surfing until they moved to Auroville, India in 95, at the ages of 9 and 10. It was here that a group of surfing pioneers allowed them their own boards with which they could plunge into their newfound passion, unaware that this would lead them towards their present situation. As years went by, their enthusiasm for surfing grew and soon they found themselves with a notorious reputation for their loud voices, large fin-like noses and the habit of ditching school to catch some waves. Today, their old teachers still laugh about how, on several occasions, they unsuccessfully attempted to drag the two boys off their boards and into class (the brothers were apparently oblivious to the shouting figures on the beach).

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