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Trend  Talk : Know about Dream Catchers

ojibweCheck out the latest trend and you see Dream catchers everywhere in home décor, lockets, pendants, earrings and more.  Look closely and you can see intricate work depicting a geometrical pattern assembled in a certain way. Dream catchers  are originally from south America and belong to the native people of Ojibwe nation.  Let us know a little bit more on the legend behind it and also its construction.

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Know about the Mysterious GeoGlyphs, Unexplained Wonders of the World

The Nazca line figure known as The Dog

The Nazca line figure known as The Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the high Andean plateau in Peru, huge depictions of geometric forms and animals can be seen from the sky, but are invisible to people standing on Earth. Who created these gigantic forms, called geoglyphs, and why? They definitely weren’t created by the inhabitants of the region, who had no way of getting up into the sky.

It all started in 1926, when a pilot flew over Nazca territory and discovered the immense figures. Some of the geoglyphs are so big they can only be measured in kilometers. Some have been found in the middle of the desert, others in totally remote locations.

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