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Datsun Redi-Go Urban Cross Hits the Market


Datsun is a name so popular among us during the 70 – 80s when Ambassadors and Fiats ruled the Indian market. It was a matter of pride to own the Datsun which had its roots established in 1930s. It was then taken over by Nissan, another giant automobile manufacturer from Japan in 1981. When Maruti entered the automobile market with Suzuki, we saw the first modern design followed by many but still Datsun was considered the most luxurious car and there was a huge second market for it.  In 2012, Nissan announced the relaunch of Datsun brand and the next year saw the Datsun Go hit the market.

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Heart Talks and the Soul Listens


In everyone’s life, there are significant few who always make it to the priority list whatever the conditions may be. From time immemorial certain connections are made that never seems to break how much ever time and technology changes our lives.

To anyone, if there is someone more dearer who showers love without expecting anything back other than their parents, the answer must be grandparents. It is possible that parents’ emotions get tied up trying to correct and lead us into a successful life but with grandparents it is always love with a sweet smile and a hug. To children without parents, grandparents fill in both the positions trying to balance the roles of parents and grandparents at the same time.

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