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Smartphonistan, Where Everyone Has a Smartphone


Smartphone is a pretty sleek gadget that outsmarts me every time. With all the world knowledge in its pocket, it advises on when should I get up, what should I eat, when is my next appointment, who is communicating with me and what, my social reach, and also takes care of my shopping needs. Wow! Not yet! I have missed out a lot more that makes my life complete, what is wrong in calling my gadget my companion of life? And I just cannot miss it even for a moment. It is always in my hand or around my neck and every odd place it can be when I am busy using both my hands. No way! I will never leave it alone. It needs no personal space and neither do I. My privacy is centered on me and my smartphone, in short, ‘Me’ is ‘me and my smartphone’.  Now a twist to this story, we have a villain who is so serious in breaking our ever lasting relationship, my daughter.

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5 Reasons Why I #CantWait4Zenfone2 and How it Fits My Requirement

ASUS  Zenfone 2 is my dream phone as I am a travel addict who loves to capture nature at its best. I had used many smart phones with their own intelligent features but finding a phone that caters to my need was a Himalayan task.

Reason Number 1brandcover

The smart phones I had were limited in their memory. Since I love to experiment with apps, I faced many issues related to memory and in particular virtual world based apps. Another issue I faced with the smart phones I had was related to speed.  They were becoming slower as time passed and needed more response time to switch between a screen to another. ASUS  Zenfone 2 comes with a 4GB RAM which is more than adequate to have my set of apps that keeps running in the background.

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