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For a Change, Mobiles De-stress Not Distress

Stress and mobiles are two subjects found in common while talking with youngsters and adults these days. It is a common notion that technology has made life difficult leading to stressful situations. Mobiles once sought out to be a boon to reach out people anywhere and everywhere anytime is now seen as a disturbance. It is also true that mobiles have brought in a  24 X 7 work culture and has bypassed ethics to intrude into each others privacy at odd times. This is only one side of the story.

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Finding it Difficult to Sleep? Read this Post

In India, sleep disorders represent a significant, yet overlooked health problem. Apart from various forms of therapy, sleep disorders can also be cured through sleep labs, the latest solution to sleepless nights in the city. Philips has assisted hospitals and clinics in Tamil Nadu in establishing 15 sleep labs. Some of the sleep labs in Chennai include the Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences, Respiratory Research Foundation of India and Apollo Hospitals. Philips has assisted many hospitals and clinics in establishing 170 sleep labs in the country till date. These sleep labs also help physicians to accurately diagnose sleep disorders.

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