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Know about Soft Soled Shoes, the New Rage in Footwear and its Impact on Children

Soft Soled shoes specifically Clogs have become a rage even though they come with an expensive price tag.  Be it outdoors, indoors, travel, and adventure trips, we see children wearing clogs. It has become a point of superiority among school children to have Crocs clog shoes. Crocs have had its list of issues in US which people in India are unaware of.  To add to the confusion, many products resembling Crocs are hitting the market from China and our own country to cash in on the popularity of the brand. We know the problem behind Crocs but unsure of what the others have in them though the one written here is for all these products with the spoken design.  Read on to know more about  Clogs / soft soled shoes.


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Fashion: Flats is the Trend Today

Ballerinas for women are better known as ballet flats and take its form from the soft shoes worn by woman ballet dancers. Since these shoes were worn for dancing, it is flat heeled or has very hardly identifiable heel.

Ballerina flats

Flats are the trend today

Ballerinas for women have become a trendy fashionable accessory today and it can be found in the wardrobe of fashion conscious women. Today, it is common to find more than 3 pairs of footwear and certainly leather ballerinas, suede ballerinas and canvas ballerinas are sure to find a place in it.

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