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Helping Engineering Students at IIT Madras – What’s New About it ? – Read On

You do not have to be a engineer or a robotics geek to help out would be engineers, we learnt from this report in  The Hindu on 1st October 2011.  All it needs is interest and fascination, proves Kumaresan, an auto driver at IIT and Venkatesh, a mechanic.

For 34-year old Kumaresan, an auto driver at IIT – Madras, a fascination with engineering and robotics has only been reinforced over the years as he sees young minds at work. It does not stop with naming his newborn son ‘Enthiran’ for he wants him to study here too.

Equally fascinating is the story of Venkatesh, a much sought- after man today on the campus. A mechanic, Venkatesh dismantles old, discarded machines and takes off the rust out of them, all to help students to use them as scrap and come out with working models.

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