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Looking Back at History, The Ramnad Palace

It is believed to be the best example of preservation of heritage buildings considering its long history and tradition. Although it hasfaced several seasons and calamities, including cyclone, flood, and drought, the Ramnad Palace, popularly known as Ramalinga Vilasam, has remained intact, setting of a sort of record in southern Tamil Nadu.

The palace complex, consisting of main durbar hall, residential buildings, private rooms, weapon store room and cave, dates back to around 350 years old. According to the official of book of Archaeological Department of Tamil Nadu, it was constructed between 1690 and 1710.

According to the “Courts of Pre-Colonial South India” written by Jennifer Howes, the construction of the palace may have started as early as 1650s, only a few decades after the Madurai Palace was built. During the 17th century the military strength, material wealth and courtly rituals of Sethupathy Kings, who ruled nearly one fifth of Tamil Nadu from 1601 to 1948, were expanded rapidly. The evidence of this expansion is found in the sprawling complex and paintings.

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