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A Dedicated Ballet Teacher Passionate About Teaching Russian Ballet

For Ann Toner, who teaches ballet at the Russian Cultural Centre, the dance form is a way of life. A profile. If you are here looking for a dance school teaching Russian Ballet, check out  Learn Russian Ballet in Chennai

SHE MAY not have elaborate stage shows to her credit and her students may have taken up the art more as a hobby or a physical fitness exercise. Yet Ann Toner, whose passion for ballet is immeasurable, says that for her life revolves round dance — ballet — to be specific. It is this love for the graceful art form that has made Ann a dedicated teacher of ballet at the Russian Cultural Centre for more than a decade now.
Ann began to learn ballet at the age of 16. “It was a rather late start… but I got an opportunity only after I came to Chennai, and I grabbed it.” She had not decided then whether it was going to be a pastime or her profession. She only knew that she had to pursue it. Probably this burning desire for ballet is in her genes. “My mother was very artistically inclined and she was my inspiration,” she reminisces.

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