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Chennai to Map Radiation of Solar Energy in Various Cities in the Country

Chennai is readying to give India its solar atlas, which will have details on radiation of solar energy in various cities in the country.

A team of experts set up by the ministry of new and renewable energy are sitting in Chennai and updating the data of radiation of solar energy in 50 existing automatic solar radiation monitoring centers, including seven in Tamil Nadu, starting from Ladhak in Kashmir to Chitradurga in Karnataka. Sixty more data centres would be set up shortly.

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India’s First Offshore Wind Mill in Dhanushkodi, Tamilnadu

The beach near Dhanushkodi Town. The metal roa...

India is expected to have its first offshore windmill in Dhanushkodi in the next five years, according to Dr S Gomathi Nayagam, executive director of Centre for Wind Energy Technology, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Speaking after inaugurating the two-day conference on Renewable Energy Sector Policy Challenges organised by Chennai-based Centre for Development Finance (CDF), a non-profit action research think-tank of Indian Institute for Financial Management and Research, in association with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung fur die Freiheit, Nayagam said it took 10 years for Germany to build offshore windmills, but India, after learning from the German experience, can build it in half the time.

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India’s Largest International Conference and Expo on Renewable Energy in Chennai

”RENERGY 2012”, an International Conference and expo on Renewable Energy would be held here from March 12 and 13. More than 5,000 visitors were expected to attend this India’s largest International Conference and Expo on Renewable Energy, to be organised with the support of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA).

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