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Affordable Housing Option in India for less than Rs.20,000 is Now a Reality

Can you build a house with just $300 (less than Rs18,000)? If your answer is the predictable ‘no’, read on for a ‘second opinion’. The ‘three-hundred-dollar’ (THD) house has become a reality, thanks to Tamil Nadu born Vijay Govindarajan, the globally celebrated innovator-strategist and Professor of International Business at the Tuck School at Dartmouth, USA. He teamed up with friends to evolve the prototype for the $300 eco-friendly house that could be built for the poor anywhere in the world. Find it interesting? Read on to for a chance to view the prototype…

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Good Bye to Punctured Tyres Soon

It has happened to millions of motorists across the country. But the misery of stopping at the side of the road to change a flat tyreEarly stages: Bridgestone say the tyre, which is made from recyclable materials is some way from being available for use on cars could soon be at an end. Manufacturer Bridgestone has, it says, developed a new prototype that never goes flat reports Mail Online.

The airless tyre uses a special plastic resin that is weaved into a mesh of spokes that help to support the tread of the tyre, and also makes sure it doesn’t collapse under the weight of the vehicle. The pattern of the spokes also plays a key part in assuring that it does not collapse, performing the function air pressure does in regular tyres.

Furthermore, the tyre’s resin is made of a plastic that can be repeatedly recycled and is therefore better for the environment. The tread is also made from recycled material.

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