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Lending Books at your Doorsteps, An Applaud Worthy Initiative to Promote Reading Habit Among Chennaiites

Though television, internet rule the entertainment section today, very few of us get to know the information we seek from these media giants. Try searching the internet on specific topic and each one of us would have clicked open at least 10 sites ( depends on the topic ) before landing on a page on that topic we might consider partially relevant and getting to what we need to the point is another story of click, open and close. Talking about television, we are spoon fed on the information that the respective channels decide as being viewers friendly. Well, who decides this factor, we have no clue.

Going 25 years back  when we had no internet and television, did we face information black out?  The answer is No. Books, magazines and newspapers were instrumental in bringing the world to our doorsteps.  Fundamentals of this society was built on the habit of reading but economic growth, modernization and urbanization has changed the lifestyles of people. With the shift from a gradual, peaceful lifestyle, today life has become complex  with stress in every aspect of life, for everyone. These lifestyle changes and tight schedule of routines have made a paradigm shift in the regular habits of people with reading habit suffering the worst.

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