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Fitness Talk: Proteins

imagesIf not for this one macro nutrient, only god knows what else would the fitness industry would earn on, this nutrient is not only a basic building block of life but has also helped many in the fitness industry to build huge building blocks.

I think, you would have guessed it right by now on what we are going to talk about…?

Yes, proteins…!

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Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Wheatgrass is great both for a detox and for healing nutrition as it contains raw chlorophyll which could be described as condensed sunlight. Chlorophyll is as close to the molecular structure of human blood as anything on the planet. So you can actively revitalize your blood from this raw material. Yes, an instant conversion into fresh blood. We’re only as healthy as our blood is. So, the more you can rejuvenate it, the more you slow down the aging clock. Wheatgrass provides lot of benefits, it is a natural food supplement. It is conveniently packed in dry powder form. All the benefits of wheatgrass can not be written in one page, important details of wheatgrass is provided below.
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