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Evion, My Magical Eraser of Bad Health


The moment I saw the opportunity to blog about Evion, it was literally a travel that took me 20 years back in my life. Those were the times when we would feel excited when doctor prescribed supplements.  It was a hectic period of professional work and highly demanding period of irregular working hours.  The stress and strain led to severe menstrual cramps and also hair loss. It became so intense that we had to approach our family physician. I was advised nutritious balanced food, this advice has come to me so  many times and I always found it tough to follow advice like a New Year resolution that never sustains. Knowing me too well, my doctor also added multivitamin tablets and Untitled-15Evion for 45 days in addition to the liberal advice of better time management.  If you are not familiar with Evion, it is a Vitamin E supplement trusted and subscribed by doctors. It is such a household name that I know it for the past 30 years. Though Evion has so many benefits, I love #Evion because it makes my face acne free and also makes my hair lustrous, thick and lengthy.  Not only my hair, my skin also benefits a lot from it. My skin is of a neutral tone and naturally dry so it tans easily. Skin that tans easily can benefit a lot with Vitamin E, so the supplement gave me protection from sun burns and saved me from patchy discolored face.

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Search for Idlis and Its Fairy Tale Ending


Food to many brings back nostalgic memories of the past, its aroma brings back thoughts of grandma cooking her specialties for the festival or a function, mother’s special recipe and more. Though I am not the kind who would go after food, I do have my preferences in eating food items, a person with focus on quality than quantity or being choosy. Three of us were posted on an implementation work to Vadodara way back in 90s and I just got confirmation of my pregnancy. Since the project relied much on my abilities, I decided to go along. We lived in an apartment and had essentials to cook for ourselves. Gujarati food is too good and balanced and I enjoyed eating all kind of food there. Added advantage was most of the restaurants in Vadodara were vegetarian.

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