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A Trip to Pondicherry with my extended family

Perfect Weekend Getaway – Pondicherry

I have traveled to Pondicherry once on my own and once with a couple of friends. But never with my family, rather my extended family. And the opportunity came soon when my uncles, aunts, and cousins joined my parents and me for their 30th anniversary weekend. With such a big group, we were contemplating on how to travel. After a lot of searches online and offline, I figured that if you are traveling in a large group, it is better to go for a tempo traveler hire in Chennai. That way, all of us could be together throughout the journey. 

We made our bookings at a lovely sea view resort, a little outside the main town. It took us about three and a half hours to reach Pondicherry. The combination of the quaintness of the old French colony and the modern version of Pondicherry city is always a fascinating experience.

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New Airport to Facilitate ATR Type Aircrafts to Fly to Puducherry

With a new terminal building expected to be ready by August this year, the Puducherry airport is all set for a makeover. While there are no scheduled flights to this Union Territory(UT), airport authorities plan to facilitate airline operators to fly ATR type aircraft.

Presently un-scheduled flights, helicopter operations and flying clubs operate this airport. “The Rs30 crore new terminal building that can accommodate 150 passengers at a time will be opened by August this year,” said Airports Authority of India (AAI) southern region executive director D. Devaraj. Noting that no airline has filed for any operations from Puducherry airport, he said the AAI has made the airport ready for ATR operations.

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Recognition on its Way for Old Lighthouse in Pondicherry

The 173-year-old lighthouse in Pondicherry, which was abandoned several decades ago and became a dump yard for broken furniture from government offices, has begun to receive due recognition.

Plans are on to promote the lighthouse as a cultural hotspot by setting up a permanent museum inside it to house rare artefacts, images and photographs tracing the rich maritime tradition of ports on the Coromandel Coast and their cultural connections with the rest of the world since the first century BC.

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Travel to Pondy and Learn Surfing in 10 Days

Riding the waves is a pleasure and training is a must.  Read on about  Kallialay, The surfing school in Pondicherry aka Puducherry.

Juan and Samai Reboul, born in a small village off the coast of Spain, were not introduced to the world of surfing until they moved to Auroville, India in 95, at the ages of 9 and 10. It was here that a group of surfing pioneers allowed them their own boards with which they could plunge into their newfound passion, unaware that this would lead them towards their present situation. As years went by, their enthusiasm for surfing grew and soon they found themselves with a notorious reputation for their loud voices, large fin-like noses and the habit of ditching school to catch some waves. Today, their old teachers still laugh about how, on several occasions, they unsuccessfully attempted to drag the two boys off their boards and into class (the brothers were apparently oblivious to the shouting figures on the beach).

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Auroville, a Township Symbolizing Unity

Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world. This is not an ashram or it does not have usual tourist attractions. It is 146 km ( about 90 miles ) from Chennai. It can be reached by Bus or Car from Chennai and very close to Puduchery / Pondichery. It is a unique place, read further to know about Auroville.
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