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A Visit to Kanchipuram: History culture and tradition

Chennai to Kanchipuram Travelogue

There are very few places in Tamil Nadu that I have visited. Kanchipuram is one of them. I always tend to associate this ancient town with the most exotic silk sarees and exclusive idlis. It was only when I visited the town, that I discovered its real treasures. It was a weekend family trip and we booked a licensed and verified Chennai to Kanchipuram cab. It was only 80 Km from Chennai and was perfect for a day trip. We took NH48 and reached in less than two hours.

One could call this a temple town, with its apparent appearance. As we neared Kanchipuram, the city welcomed us with ancient stone temples, each with the finest carvings and sculptures.

I learned that the establishment of the city dates back to the 6th century when the rulers of the Pallava Dynasty made it into their kingdom capital and ruled from here for two centuries. They created great stone monuments in the neighboring town of Mamallapuram and magnificent temples in Kanchipuram. Some of the temples were later added by the Chola and Vijayanagar kings. As such, the temples of Kanchipuram were not only religious sites but also had historical significance. Most of these places of worship are dedicated to Shiva, Shakti, and Vishnu. There were nearly 50 temples in and around Kanchipuram but we had time to visit only a few. So we went to these three most popular and sacred temples in the city –

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Homely Traditional Food and Stay for Pilgrims in Tirupati


Here is a very interesting offer by a Devotee for pilgrims travelling to Tirupati. People on a pilgrimage to pay their obeisance to the Lord undertake the temple visit to complete their prayers. During such time, the pilgrims should observe food without onions and garlic and the option to get such food in Tirupati is remote. Pilgrims depend on hotels and restaurants where such food is not provided. Same case with the stay also. The pilgrims require a dormitory to keep their pilgrimage intact but to locate those and get a space is pretty difficult for new comers and travelers. To help such people, now there is a place for stay providing food that suits pilgrims.

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Mystic Speak : Pilgrimage to Kailash, Kedarnath, BadriNath, CharDham

kailash yatra

Shree Manimahesh Travels organizes religious and adventure tours to many places such as Kailash, Amarnath, Char Dham, Kedarnath, Badrinath and more. For the adventure seekers, we have Jeep / Bike Safari Tours.

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Tamilnadu Tourism Inaugurates Chennai and around Pilgrimage Tours to Goddess Temples

Thiyagarajaswamy Temple Rajagopuram

Minister for Tourism S Gokula Indira inaugurated the one-day Deviar Dharisanam Tour, organised by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). Tamilnadu is set to boost religious tourism and has introduced Aadi month specials. Do read on for more details

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