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One day Workshop Every Month on Photography at Konica Labs

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A photo may convey a message to you, it might roll back years and connect you to the past, evoking hidden feelings etched in your memory.  Photographs are thus shot for sentimental reasons to practical concerns. To turn it into an emotive one, a certain amount of training is essential. To know about training programs happening at Konica labs by Mr. Dhamodharan and about him, read more..

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Know about the Mystery of Roopkund Lake and Trek to Roopkund

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What happens when ice melts in the Roopkund lake? When ice melts in the glacial tarn of Roopkund, located 5,000 metres above sea level in Chamoli district, Uttaranchal, hundreds of corpses can be seen floating. Thus gets exposed a mystery that dates back to more than 60 years and has begun to be understood only recently. In 1942, a forest guard chanced upon hundreds of skeletons at this tarn. The remains have intrigued anthropologists, scientists, historians and the local people ever since. Who were these people? What were they doing in the inhospitable regions of the Garhwal Himalaya?

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Basic Photography Workshop at Chennai, 26-29 Jan 2012

Here is an opportunity to learn the basics of photography from professionals at Beginners Photography Workshop.

The most important in learning photography as a beginner is to practice and experiment by yourself, but it could be good to learn the basics in how a photo is supposed to be taken. If you dont know the basics, your photography experience might lead to frustration and anger. Photography is all about light so start off with shutter speed and aperture. If you have passion to be a good photographer we suggest you to take this course and learn to click pictures around you. For details read on..

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New Easy to Use Camera

While taking a photographs, some times we focus on the wrong point. At times before the camera is opened and set, the scene would have moved on or vanished. This is natural for every one who has used a camera. New Light Field Camera is light, easy to use instantly with no dials to set etc. The best part is you can focus and refocus on any part of the image long after the photos are taken. Read more to know about this camera
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Basics of Photography Workshop 17th Dec and 18th Dec, 2011

Here is an opportunity to learn the basics of photography. Any one with interest can learn photography, no age limit is there and no qualification is required. Be sure to inform them you found this information on Chennai Focus.

  • Date: Dec 17-18th, 2011
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Hotel Park View, Nungambakkam, Chennai

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