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Introducing CollarFolk, Pet Friendly Vacation in India


As a pet parent, we have been postponing our vacation and holidays meant staying at home indoors with our Labrador.  The immediate thought of leaving her in the mercy of friends  switches off our plans and it is only if it is unavoidable we go out of the city leaving her with our friend to take care of her in our absence at our home because she does not like to be away in another place without us.  It is not an easy task to find someone to take care of her in our absence with the same love and attention we give her.  Now it is good news for pet parents like us, we can take our pet along with us for the vacation.  Thanks to CollarFolk, an innovative idea by a pet parent Rukmini Vaish.

We could not NewPicture933move on  without appreciating the cute logo of CollarFolk (wagging tail) which speaks volume about their love for pets.

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Pet Friendly, Pro Senior Citizen, Eco Sensitive Leisure Hotel in ECR, Chennai

INDeco Leisure Hotels in Tamil Nadu was founded by Steve Borgia, an indologist who created some of the most unique heritage hotels and concepts. INDeco Hotels are unique like its mission, and houses a Museum “THE STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM” containing erstwhile objects of local lifestyle, beliefs, practices, cultures, historical artifacts. This is primarily to take history to the doorstep of every tourist who connect with Tamilnadu. Needless to say all INDeco Hotels in Tamil Nadu are pet friendly and extremly sensitive to senior citizens and Ecology. INDeco Hotels, Swamimalai, the 1896 Tanjore village, is the India’s only winner of the prestigious Global Eco Tourism Award.

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