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Summer Talk : Selecting Perfumes – Know your Notes

Perfumes have become an integral part of our daily life. Even talcum powders today carry perfume notes to make it grapefruitlingering and long lasting. How do we buy perfume? It is normally experience, hearsay or many times brand names not to mention the discount sales and offers. Do you know if the perfume is what you want or if it suits you? We use a tester to check out the perfume to buy and to the surprise of all, it is not the right way to purchase a perfume.

 Here we are getting down to the basics to help you understand perfumes and its constituents. If you are the kind who loves to make your own perfumes. we also start you off with simple DIY perfumes.

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Traditional Fragrance, Our Own Spices NUTMEG and MACE

maceFragrance has a unique bonding with me. It brings about memories of those lovely times I had with my mother and the tiring times I had trying to work out a Mathematics problem in the school garden. In both the cases, it is the smell of flowers but different ones that evoke the magic of triggering different feelings in us.

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Understanding Perfumes and Perfume Shopping

Been shopping for perfumes lately? Get into a lifestyle store and you are sure to find a section selling perfumes. Not one or two, there are many carrying signature blends of Amitabh Bacchan, SRK, Antonio Banderas and the other ones with their own tones and overpowering scent. Unless you are a perfumologist or one specializing on aromatherapy, it is way past our simple requirement to choose the one we are looking for. Here are few tips to make it a bit easier. First things first, go with what you’re naturally drawn to.

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