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Talking Parrot – Stand-Up Comedy is Seriously Fun

Stand-up comedy, we hear more these days made me contemplate on the nuances and the personality of the comedian and this understanding prompted me to write a post on it. Public speaking is an art and being a comedian is another form that has some many finer elements to it. Standup-Comedy is combining both to bring the best out of them. I saw couple of performances and the thing that impressed me the most is the timing. I came back home and tried to deliver the same to my family but then I realized how difficult it was. I was baffled when my daughter asked me what I was trying to convey with such a serious face, let me tell you, I was aghast. I remember enjoying every bit but I could only recollect only one or two.

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Energy, Dedication, Commitment at its Best at Shraddha’s Draupadi Kuravanji


Shraddha, a group promoting theater, staged Draupadi Kuravanji in Kattaikkuttu, a traditional art form in Narada Gana Sabha during the weekend. To all those who want to know what it means, remember the olden days when people spent nights watching the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha performed in open grounds, it is the same form much similar to Theru Koothu. P.Rajagopal, a humble man is the founder of Kattaikuttu sangam.  Read about him here.

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Flash Dance Academy Summer Camp 2012

Looking out to engage your kids this summer in fine arts?  Shake a leg with the Flash Summer Camp starting on April 16th. It includes dance classes, theater workshop and concludes with a  stage performance. Here are the details for the benefit of our readers.

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Learn Russian Ballet in Chennai From Russian Center of Science and Culture

Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association was founded by six organizations in a meeting on 25th March 2011 at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai. The association will organize conferences, seminars, forums and events on various topics to build friendship and cooperation between the two nations. Youth development will be the prime focus in all the social, scientific, humanitarian and cultural initiatives of the association. Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association will involve all like minded individuals, students and organizations in the various development programs. Mr Vladimir Mariy, Director, Russian Centre of Science & Culture, expressed happiness over the establishment of the association and encouraged the founding members. “The association commends universal standards in presenting views, conducting studies and organizing programs. We will make every effort to build great strides in cultural, social and economic arenas” said the members of the organizing committee of Indo-Russian International Art & Science Association.

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