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Motherhood, My First Experience with Selflessness

Motherhood is the most beautiful experience. I am the most suitable to make this statement because I never liked kids till I became pregnant. Call it hormones or the magic of a life within, my world changed with lot of anticipation, care and concern for the most precious entrant into my life. My preparation for my baby started much before she was born, rather when I was pregnant. My grandmother always said that newborns are like flower buds to be cared for so gently. Every tiny detail should be taken seriously and as a new mother it is quite natural to do it a bit more.

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A Soliloquy to My Daughter, Is she listening?

 As a daughter to a middle class father, I had very few things bought out for me as toys. As any successful person would do after achieving a well settled life, my priority was to keep my daughter happy and provide her with all those I never got to enjoy when I was small.

It so happened that I traveled a lot during her 1st year and as my organization permitted taking the kid along, I would take her to different places.  She became social and would cling on to any of my colleagues and start to play with them.  When it was time for us to leave, she would refuse to come with me and insist on staying back with them. It was highly embarrassing to pull her off as she clings to my colleagues not to forget mentioning about those good-hearted souls feeling so sad about missing her. When I was concerned about her at work, all the time, she was a happy baby being pampered by them.

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