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Get the Taste of Rose Tres Leches , a Mediterranean Delight in Chennai

The pandemic has changed our life and has given us an opportunity to stop look and proceed. Life has considerably slowed down and things which were indispensable became an absence we could live with despite longing for it. Though there are many cons than pros to this life, slowing down pace and having time to kill under compulsion has made people look towards passion, hobbies and learning something new and test out waters. The six months has brought in understanding at home, to most families, home is an ignored area in fast paced life of profession and income. Many found time to be with kids, grown ups with their parents, new couples with each other, this time when we look back after 10 years may turn out to be a memorable time of togetherness. Yet, we are not denying the fact that pandemic has brought in difficult times, we also want to highlight the positives.

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