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Hearty Vibes – Positive and Positive Makes a Positive

Positive Vibes make this world what it is and helps us survive and believeaids in tomorrow while living today with confidence.  We grew up learning to be positive and it has helped us tide through difficult times with the confidence that this too will pass and better times lie ahead.  But Positive has a negative impact in all our minds in one case, being HIV positive. Still an area people refuse to talk about or acknowledge, I saw one of my friends suffering from AIDS die a silent death for no fault of hers. She led a humiliated, ostracized life shunned by family deprived of support, refusing help from friends and suffering all alone wishing for earlier death as a boon.

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Chennai Rains – Close Encounter with Disaster That Was Waiting to Happen

Living in the heart of Chennai, it has taken this long for me to write a post on Rains that ravaged us and the beautiful emergence of Chennai for Chennai. It has been a turbulent and difficult time and writing about it brings in a bit of wetness at the corner of my eyes. I can attribute it most to the never before seen beautiful hearts who braved the floods to help those in need. Not that they were safe but still extending the hand to catch those in much deeper waters than them and in the process we lost few brave hearts too, irreparable loss to the community on the whole.

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Vidya Sagar, Formerly Spastics Society of India, Paves the Way for the Differently Abled

Vidya sagar, As part of its youth programme that seeks to help youngsters with disability, the organisation, formerly called the  Spastics Society of India, launched a marketing unit christened ‘Kalakkal kadai‘ to act as a bridge between potential consumers and differentlyabled entrepreneurs.

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Interested in Volunteering Towards a Social Cause? Read on…

How many times have we come across a situation where we intend to do something towards it and yet do not know how to. “Thedifference between an out stretched palm and a helping hand, is the flick of the wrist”. if your interest is towards contributing your time and effort towards a social cause,  here is an interesting opportunity.  Chennai Volunteers endeavors towards promoting  volunteering and facilitates volunteering opportunities.

Chennai Volunteers (CV) is a social organisation that promotes the values of volunteering, while building and reinforcing volunteer networks in Chennai.  CV facilitates the process of bridging the gap between the citizens of Chennai and  credible nonprofit organizations with their relevant causes, while enhancing the experience of volunteers simultaneously.

CV plans to leverage the online medium with a dynamic web portal. Visitors while in Chennai, as volunteers, can find various opportunities to share and care, members can find local/international partners and NGOs can share resources and exchange best practices, 24×7.

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Electricity from Bio-Degradable Waste

Hand in Hand’s waste-to-energy project at Mamallapuram has been chosen by BBC’s Down to Business World Challenge Series for promoting sustainable livelihoods and enterprise creation across the world. The project chosen from nearly 640 nominations from across the world is among the final 12 shortlisted for the award and is the only one from India, for promoting green business and working with impoverished communities.
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Free Computer Education for Underprivileged

Nandini Voice for the Deprived is a non-government organisation founded in India by Mr.N.S. Venkataraman.
Mr.N.S. Venkataraman, age 65 years, is a Chemical Engineer by profession with over 35 years of experience in chemical industries in India and abroad. Free Computer Schools have been set up by Nandini Voice to help underprivileged.
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