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MusicUniv, Imparting Structured Indian Classical Music Through Schools

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Indian classical music, in both Hindustani and Carnatic traditions, are also seen as esoteric and inaccessible, especially for the economically-challenged. And this is exactly where Chennai-based MusicUniv comes in.

The idea of MusicUniv was born when investor-entrepreneur Sudhir Rao met Dr Karaikudi Subramanian, a ninth generation veena player and founder of Brhaddhvani, a centre for research in music education supported by the Ford Foundation, and started studying Carnatic vocal music in 2008 to better understand the pedagogy for teaching it. Along with the musically-accomplished Anil Srinivasan, Rao and his wife Sadhana decided to collaborate with Brhaddhvani to take the pedagogy into schools, thus, co-founding MusicUniv.

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